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The Bootcamp - TSU

The Bootcamp - TSU


Embarking on this journey once again, but with a unique twist.


Our primary focus is on securing a TECH JOB💼


We aim to enhance our portfolio and boost our income through active engagement. Expect to immerse yourself in the tech world by asking questions, collaborating with fellow students, and receiving daily mentorship.


What's in store for you:

📌Gain insights into computer networking (how computers communicate)

📌Acquire skills in making computers communicate (software development)

📌Understand the requirements of working as an IT Engineer in the industry

📌Gain hands-on experience with essential industry tools

📌Complete project-based work to enrich your portfolio

📌Learn the art of resume revamping

📌Develop effective job search strategies

📌And much more, including delving into topics like blockchain.


Moreover, the tuition for this comprehensive program is 10k per year. Payment Plans Available.

    $10,000.00 Regular Price
    $5,000.00Sale Price
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