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Studying for the CCNA exam?

Studying for the CCNA exam is not an easy task to tackle. Especially if you are not already in the industry. Thankfully, Teknikally Speaking is here to help alleviate some of the paint points.

The CCNA certification is the newest entry-level Cisco Certification and serves as the backbone of the Cisco Certification path. Any Network Administrator should seek this credential, but it’s also critical for other IT professionals.

The certification is one of Cisco’s most coveted IT Certifications. The Cisco CCNA exam has two main sections that assess network fundamentals and skill sets required in a large company utilizing Cisco equipment.

Passing the Cisco 200-301 exam requires a lot of study. Given this, we’ve gathered a few study suggestions to help you get a good grade.

Acquire Practical Experience

While this will not be an option for everyone, since the CCNA doesn’t require any prerequisites, it’s still advisable to get some practical experience in networking. You can look for internships to help you get hands on experience. Teknikally Speaking is partnered with staffing agencies that can help you find internships.

What’s Your Best Self-Study Technique?

Professionals these days have insane work schedules, and they may not be able to attend class in a conventional manner. This suggests that they are excited about self-study to prepare for the test. This method of training can either help you or harm you. Video lessons, hands-on lab training, and practice exams are all examples of self-study options. The correct technique will assist you in learning the topics covered on the exam and allow you to pass it.

Creating A Study Schedule

A lot of people do not follow a study schedule, and they end up wasting their time. You need to ensure that you create one as soon as possible. A good CCNA exam prep plan for beginners would incorporate reading Cisco Press books on the subject matter along with other learning material like official Cisco webinars.

You might also want to use an online course for this purpose. You can sign up for a free CCNA boot camp at Teknikally Speaking, which will provide you with some good study material that may help your CCNA certification exam preparation.


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