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Create in the Metaverse

Meta (Facebook), Google, Microsoft, Apple, Sony , Tencent, and other technological giants claim that the modern internet will soon become outdated. Metaverses will come to replace the internet.

In his book, ‘Metaverse and How We’ll Build It Together’, Mark Zuckerberg stated that the best way to understand a metaverse is to experience it. In the second part, he shared his vision on the metaverses as a new version of the internet, ‘you do not simply watch the content, you participate in it.’

Metaverse is a platform in which you can create augmented reality and other interactive experiences for your participants without using any code. It is completely free and offers a variety of ways to get learners engaged and involved. Some ways you can use Metaverse is creating 360° expeditions, photo walls, interactive stories, AR scavenger hunts, digital breakouts, interactive memes and much more. Metaverse experiences are created in the Metaverse studio which is a web-based platform. After you publish your experience in the Metaverse Studio you are given a QR code in which the players scan on the mobile app.

As I was learning more about this app and what you could do with it I was most intrigued with students using to create and build their own experiences. I connected this to the RASE framework because the availability of resources, the activity of creating their own experience or even participating in the experience itself is engaging and encourages problem-solving and project work.

As with the smartphones that have made us more mobile, each of us will sooner or later become more virtual and find our virtual selves in one or more meta worlds. If your business is tightly connected to the internet, content, learning, selling, and video games, you will need to have a metaverse or at least a tiny part that can be integrated into another meta world. Think of it now, until it is not too late!

Resources: Meta review and ReadyForMeta

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