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Blockchain and the IoT

In its simplest form, the Internet of Things (IoT) is a generalized term for technology that enables one smart device to communicate with another.

The IoT industry has developed to the point where it can elevate even mundane household items to another level — there are currently IoT-enabled fitness trackers for your dog’s collar, smart toasters that let you know when your food has been thoroughly toasted and even smart mirrors that display on-demand workouts and show fitness statistics. The only thing left to do is to combine IoT with another buzzy tech sector: Blockchain.


The IoTeX blockchain envisions a future where smart device users have control over their data. IoTeX empowers a decentralized network for IoT devices where consumers can take privacy into their own hands — while ensuring the quality of services offered isn’t compromised.

The IoTeX platform is already supporting REAL IoT products that are “Powered by IoTeX” and provide users full data ownership and privacy

They have a product called Ucam, a camera that’s “Powered by IoTeX” innovation. A one of a kind device, this camera gives you a glimpse of what is possible when IOT(Internet Of Things) and blockchain are fused together.

Another product, the Pebble Tracker is a decentralized asset tracking device developed in partnership with Nordic Semiconductor, one of the largest chip manufacturers in the world. Paired with our Edge Oracle, Pebble Tracker writes verifiable, real-world IoT data (e.g., location, motion, climate) to the blockchain for use in smart contracts.

Resources: IOT and IOTEX and Ucam

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