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Computer Science Bootcamp but with a Twist

Computer Science Bootcamp but with a Twist

We are at it again. But with a twist

Join us for classes, everyday for 6 weeks, as we prep for the CCNA exam as well as learn new skills like Python, Rest APIs, JavaScript and so much more.

We will focus on GETTING A TECH JOB more than anything.

We will build our portfolio and increase our income.

Ask questions, collab with other students and get everyday mentorship on your tech journey!


What to expect:

- Learn how computers talk to each other (computer networking)

- Learn how to make computers talk (software development)

- Learn what it takes to work in the industry as an IT Engineer

- Get hands on experience with industry tools - Complete project based work to build your portfolio - Learn how to revamp your resume

- Learn how to look for jobs

- And much more ..... (like blockchain)


If you're a business owner, this is great for you too. Become tech savvy and grow your business income!!!