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Re: "Insurance Rising: A profile of the InsurTech landscape." Jason Miller, Milken Institute 2018

InsurTech is relatively new to most people.

Many of us have heard of Fintech; however, do you know you cannot have a financial industry without insurance? To own a bank, you must have an insurance license. To start a check-cashing or bail bondsman business, you must have an insurance license. All the people of the world pay for insurance until they die. Now that is a long time. Wouldn't you agree?

Insurance companies are looking for people with a technology background, insurance knowledge, and/or experience. The publication "Insurance Rising: A profile of the InsurTech landscape stated that approximately 1,500 InsurTech startups are currently operating worldwide. Additionally, over the past five years, more than $9 billion in disclosed capital has been committed to over 700 InsurTech investments."

Sounds rewarding and innovative, right?

Employers are looking for entrepreneurial employees who desire innovation in unsought spaces. With the development of Decentralized Automated Organizations (DAO), Blockchain, and Cryptocurrency, the world is aggressively transitioning into the digital world with transparency and community ownership.

Fidelity Investments now offer IRAs that can be funded with cryptocurrency. Churches are taking cryptocurrency as a form of their tithe. Now is the time to be educated and employed in this digital era. Having digital fluency is a must.

Author Mrs. Tomeka Kimbrough-Hilson, Insurtech Innovator

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