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Numerology = Your Career Path

Numerology is the study of numbers and how those numbers have a profound impact on our lives. From how we act to who we attract in a relationship to the personal powers we hold, the numbers bestowed upon us from birth have an influence on us a day-to-day basis.

Once you know where your passions lie, it becomes easier to filter through positions that might cause more stress than reward for your unique personality. You deserve a job that appreciates your challenges and what you bring to the table, while it also helps you hone in on and expand your talents.

One of the easiest ways to learn more about yourself and what you crave from your career is by taking a look at your Life Path number. And, as a bonus, once you’ve learned how to calculate your Life Path number, you can help your friends and family learn more about their own unique personalities by calculating theirs!

Discovering your Life Path number encourages you to follow your heart, to follow your bliss. Once you embrace your personality and gifts, you’ll find it much easier to choose positions based on passion rather than necessity.

Calculate your Life Path Number

Life Paths are based on your date of birth.

Take for example John, who was born on December 26, 1978. To calculate the three stages of development for John, take the sums of the month, the day, and the year as follows and if a sum is 10 or greater, add the digits again until the sum is a single digit:

1. Life Path = Month + Day + Year

2. Life Path = 12 + 26 + 1978

3. Life Path = (1 + 2) + (2 + 6) + (1 + 9 + 7 + 8)

4. Life Path = 3 + 8 + 25

5. Life Path = 3 + 8 + (2+ 5)

6. Life Path = 18

7. Life Path = (1 + 8)

8. Life Path = 9

John’s ultimate Life Path is 9. The Life Path represents what his innate capabilities (and weaknesses) collectively can achieve with great success if John exercises his will in a way to nurture those capabilities and manage those weaknesses.

The Life Path Numbers

Each Life Path number has its own unique strengths. Let’s dive in, explore each Life Path number, and discover what careers will encourage the most success and happiness.

Life Path Number 1:

Those born with a [Life Path number 1] exhibit strengths such as independence, self-motivation, leadership skills, and innovative ideas. These folks are courageous and fearless, allowing them to find creative solutions to problems and think outside the box.

While the world is your oyster, you prefer to work for yourself rather than others. Your strong personality makes you an excellent leader, but it also encourages a sense of rebellion. When you’re told what to do, you have a natural inclination to walk in the opposite direction.

You need a job that allows you to start new trends and follow the beat of your own drummer.

Top 5 Careers for Life Path Number 1

  1. Business owners

  2. Politicians

  3. Teachers/professors

  4. Freelancers

  5. Inventors

Life Path Number 2:

While Life Path number 1s enjoy the spotlight, 2s are quite the opposite.

This number is supportive and prefers peace over confrontation. Life Path number 2s just want to get along and create harmony in the workplace. Because of their thoughtful, friendly nature, these folks enjoy working in groups rather than tackling a project solo.

In fact, those with a Life Path number 2 are genuinely happy to see the success of those around them. You’re great at negotiating, mediating, and keeping the peace in tense situations. You excel at any job that puts you in the position to be helpful to others, as you are exceptionally good with people.

You thrive on being of service, and your ability to help those around you sends a wave of peace and harmony throughout the world.

Top 5 Careers for Life Path Number 2

  1. Nurses

  2. Diplomats/mediators

  3. Child-care workers

  4. Librarians/historians

  5. Non-profit administrators

Life Path Number 3

Those born with a Life Path number 3 are creative, inventive individuals who think outside the box. They aren’t afraid to try new things or put themselves out there. They tend to understand what lies at the heart of a person, what makes them tick. Their understanding of human behavior allows them to go against the grain without fear – they are unabashedly themselves.

Your creativity surges through your veins and peppers everything you do with a sense of wonder. You don’t fit neatly into any one mold, but rather, you allow your unique personality to guide you towards your truth. Routine may not be your favorite aspect of work, so finding a position that allows you to follow your heart is a must.

While there are many 3s within the entertainment industry, they also excel at psychology, counseling, and artistic endeavors.

Top 5 Careers for Life Path Number 3

  1. Writer/journalist

  2. Public relations/advertising

  3. Performer (dancing, singing, acting)

  4. Psychologist/counselor

  5. Graphic designer

Life Path Number 4

Number 4s are extremely intellectual, intelligent, and hard-working. These individuals thrive on clear communication, and they are more than willing to follow directions – provided they are thoroughly thought through and planned well.

Number 4s are all about stability and routine, and they like to stick to the script whenever possible.

Communication is key for 4s, and they don’t enjoy jumping to conclusions or trying to read someone’s thoughts – they want open, honest communication that leaves no room for error or guesswork. Grounded and down to Earth, these individuals thrive on structure and order.

They like when things go as planned and would prefer not to deviate from any plans set in motion.

A 4’s ability to follow through with long-term projects makes them uniquely suited for positions that other Life Path numbers might find overwhelming or tedious.

Top 5 Careers for Life Path Number 4

  1. Event planner

  2. Architect/engineer

  3. Accountant

  4. Management

  5. Mechanic/carpenter

Life Path Number 5

Those born with a Life Path number 5 are lovers of freedom and individuality – they are not content to follow current trends but prefer to pave their own unique path. Predictability bores 5s to tears, as they like to shake things up and try new things. As long as the position involves new ideas – rather than the same old, same old – 5s can be happy working just about anywhere.

The sense of adventure that flows through the spirit of a Life Path number 5 is palpable. They want to feel like there is something unexpected, unknown about each new day of their lives. You are versatile and independent, and your communication skills are top-notch. As long as you experience something that feels new and fresh each day, you can be happy in nearly any position or career.

Just remember that mental stimulation and a sense of adventure are a must for any position you choose.

Top 5 Careers for Life Path Number 5

  1. Communications/marketing

  2. Entrepreneur

  3. Travel agent/tour guide

  4. Photojournalist

  5. Spiritual coaching/healing practitioner

Life Path Number 6

Those with a Life Path number 6 are jam-packed with compassionate, healing energy that they extend to those around them. They aren’t motivated by money but by the feeling that they are making a difference. They feel most accomplished when creating an environment that provides their loved ones with comfort, peace, and empathy.

6s are motivated by emotional connection with others, and they tend to work best in groups rather than in isolation. Your harmonious energy attracts people like magnets, and you’re naturally aligned with a healing vibration that sets a positive tone for any interaction with others. You feel the best when you’re contributing to your community, regardless of the position.

If you can build a career that encourages emotional connection with others, you’ll feel accomplished and grateful.

Top 5 Careers for Life Path Number 6

  1. Nurse/doctor

  2. Veterinarian/animal rights worker

  3. Customer service

  4. Public servant

  5. School teacher

Life Path Number 7

[Life Path number 7] possesses an air of intellectual stimulation, depth of thought, and strong philosophies.

7s want to explore the world with passion and curiosity. They’re connected to the energy of the Universe in a way that encourages them to seek out the truth in any situation. With intelligence that is hard to rival, 7s are smart, inventive, and always questioning their surroundings and searching for deeper meaning.

You can comprehend complex subjects that may be difficult for others to wrap their head around. You may feel drawn toward art, science, or philosophy. As long as you find a career path that challenges you intellectually, you can enjoy a sense of freedom and understanding in any position.

Furthermore, 7s do not shy away from the heavy subject matter, as they like to push their own limits.

Top 5 Careers for Life Path Number 7

  1. Physicist

  2. Private detective

  3. Researcher

  4. Marine biologist

  5. Anthropologist

Life Path Number 8

If you’re an 8, you are already aware of this Life Path number’s need for organization and financial success. Of all the Life Path numbers, 8s are the most likely to seek material abundance and financial security. They’re ambitious, focused, and dedicated to their goals and dreams.

In fact, if you’re an 8, there’s a strong chance that you’ve already accomplished many of your goals – often starting at an early age.

Your personality is responsible and dependable, and your moral compass is always pointed in the right direction. While you desire financial freedom, you also focus heavily on seeking justice for those less fortunate.

You want to feel like your hard work is providing something illuminating to the world. Your perception and empathy make you uniquely qualified for positions that others may find stressful or overwhelming.

Top 5 Careers for Life Path Number 8

  1. CEO

  2. Surgeon

  3. Banker

  4. Online content creator (YouTube, Twitch)

  5. Legal services

Life Path Number 9

9s have a deep sense of compassion for others, and they’ll go to great lengths to prevent or alleviate suffering. They have a deep need to help those less fortunate than themselves, and they’re able to shine brightly when they feel they’re contributing to their community.

There is a humanitarian quality inherent in this Life Path number that encourages kindness and even making sacrifices.

You feel most fulfilled when you sense that your work is doing something good for the world. You aren’t content to simply make money. Rather you prefer feeling like you’re helping humankind. Your personality is naturally aligned with spirituality – you don’t just care about helping people. You want to truly heal them.

Your fearlessness and fierce compassion help you push through barriers that might prove difficult for others.

Top 5 Careers for Life Path Number 9

  1. Philanthropy

  2. Publishing

  3. Nutritionist

  4. Social worker/human rights worker

  5. Yogi/healing practitioner

Once you know yourself on a deeper level, you can begin to align yourself to the vibrations of your spirit. This connection to your spirit allows you to gather strength, amplify your talents and skills, and unlock more of your abilities.

Comment your life path number below !!!!

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My life path number is 8 which is funny because I'm currently in the banking field as we speak.


Hello. My life path number is 1


Hi I am Izzy, my life path number is 1. I am working towards my CCNA. I am interested in A.I. development and cybersecurity.


Hi I'm Jasmine,

Life Path Number 5 introvert. I am interested in the Develpoment department.


Von Cane
Von Cane
Mar 29, 2023

My Life Path Number is 4! I'm clearly in alignment with my goals; I'm currently working towards obtaining my CCNA. Network and Cloud Engineering careers interested me the most.

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