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The 2020 pandemic has really taught me the value of having a skill.

With a certified skill, you will always have the ability to beat the challenges of everyday life.

See, I didn't finish school. I dropped out and for a long time I thought, maybe a degree would boost my income. Wrong! It wasn’t until I had enough of the rat race, living pay check to pay check and dreaming about a better life, that I decided to take a chance and learn a completely different skill. A skill that was not in my dream life but a skill that could help me fund my dream life. That one decision, changed my whole perspective of the world.

Teknikally Speaking is something like a movement.

A tech movement, that acts as a bridge so you can change your position in life. Whether you want to make tech a career or just obtain a skillset to have in your pocket then THIS IS FOR YOU. This is for anyone of any age looking to enhance their quality of life through tech.

Why Tech?

Technology aka Tech has and will always be here. It's advancing everyday and at this point, if your not even slightly tech savvy, your at a disadvantaged.

I mean look at your everyday life. It's either an app you have to download, self-check out at the store, or simply paying your bills, technology is all around us and it's not going anywhere, any time soon. So the real question is, Why not tech?

Why not learn about something that we use everyday?

Why not be apart of a community that serves a purpose, that is essential?

Why not?

With the current shift in our economy, more positions in the tech field need to be filled and there's not enough qualified people to fill them. The demand is high.

So, what TS has decided to do is release courses on how to break into the IT world by starting with computer networking, specifically with Cisco since Cisco is a worldwide leader in IT solutions.

These courses are for beginners or for those already in the field, looking to get into the computer networking side or brush up on skills. It is self-paced and offers a community for support. We are like no other. Our success determines your success and we strive to succeed.

Take this opportunity to learn a skill and increase your income with a skill in tech.

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